X-Wing Starfighter


Build Time: ?? seconds.
Hull: ??
Armor: ??
Experience value: ??
Average Laser Cannons Damage: ??
Average Proton Torpedo Launcher (s) Damage: ??

The X-Wing Starfighter is one of 6 Fighters available to the New Republic in Star Wars Ascendancy. The X-Wing is the primary fighter in the New Republic navy. It is versatile, and able to easily deal with Imperial TIE Fighters.


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The X-wing was a prominent series of multiple starfighters produced by Incom with a characteristic "X"-shape of four wings, known as S-foils, extending out from the fuselage. These starfighters were found in the service of the Rebel Alliance, New Republic, and also the Galactic Alliance. They were originally meant for the Galactic Empire but when the entire Incom design team defected with the prototypes to the Rebel Alliance this deal was over.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit

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These fighters fill the role of mid level anti-fighters and is best used to defend fleets from enemy Bomber attacks. They can only be deployed by MC80B, MC80 Liberty and the MC40a. Although the A-Wing is better used as an anti-fighter the X-Wing also comes equipped with Proton Torpedo Launchers and so can be used to harass smaller enemy frigates.

Canon ReferenceEdit

X-Wing StarFighter -

Made ByEdit

Modeller - the50first

Texturer - Codeuser

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