Build Time: ?? seconds.
Hull: ??
Armor: ??
Shields: ??
Experience value: ??
Average Laser Cannons Damage: ??
Average Concussion Missiles Damage: ??
Average Ion Cannon Damage: ??
Average Blaster Cannon Damage: ??

The Sentinel acts as the landing/colonizing ship of the Imperial Remnant's navy.


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The Sentinel-class landing craft, also known as the Sentinel-class shuttle, was a transport used primarily by the Galactic Empire to carry troops, small vehicles, and supplies.

After the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire made a change from starships like the Acclamator-class assault ship that were able to land on planets in order to unload troops, to space-bound Star Destroyers, the sheer size of which required them to remain in orbit above the planet. That change brought about the need for a dedicated, armored, and maneuverable landing craft to safely transport troops directly into battlefields. The Cygnus-Sienar shuttle family fulfilled most of the Empire's needs for light transports, introducing the Sentinel-class landing craft some time before the Battle of Yavin, and it eventually became the main troop transport in the Imperial Navy.

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Sentinel-class landing craft -

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Modeller - Corey

Texturer - Codeuser

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