The New Republic is one of three major playable factions in Ascendancy. Its history, playstyle and unit list are broken down on this page


Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma, first Chief of State of The New Republic.

"Does the warmaster truly wish a disquisition upon the New Republic's perverse system of government? It has to do with a bizarre concept called democracy, in which ruling power is given to whoever is most skillful at directing the herd instincts of the largest masses of their most ignorant citizens." -Nom Anor

Initially founded as the Rebel Alliance, the New Republic was formed in the aftermath of their victory at the battle of Endor. Directly inspired by the Galactic Republic, the New Republic was created to bring democracy back to the galaxy. Under the careful eye of the Chief of State and her inner council, a new Galactic Senate was created to give representation to all planets under their banner. While initially quite successful, the true establishment of the New Republic as a galactic power came after the capture of Coruscant, once the seat of democracy under the Galactic Republic, and subsequently heart of the Empire. Increasingly seen as the legitimate ruler of the galaxy, the New Republic worked within its large sphere of influence to hunt down and absorb many of the Warlords that had formed out of the Empire's fracturing. Many challenges and 21 years later, the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong forced the leaders of the New Republic to realize that their government was not going to be able to properly handle new threats. With the support of the Imperial Remnant and Hapes Consortium, the New Republic was reorganized in the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. Unifying almost the entire known galaxy, the Galactic Alliance was able to successfully defeat the Yuuzhan Vong and bring peace to the galaxy for a time.




"Appearances and perceptions are important to the New Republic. And properly so. The Empire rules by force and threat; we rule instead by inspiration and leadership." -Mon Mothma

As with the other factions, the technology and playstyle of the New Republic reflects their ideology. The projection of the New Republic's power relies heavily on its ability to spread its message of freedom and democracy. This means that one of the primary goals of the New Republic is to spread and fight within their sphere of cultural influence, as they gain substantial combat bonuses from fighting within their own sphere of influence, and conversely are less effectively able to engage in enemy territory. The spread of their culture also incites uprisings on enemy planets, slowing production. Because of their alliance with the Hapans, the New Republic is able to deploy small fleets of Hapan ships.



"It's just that, after every major victory, I hope the fighting is over. But it'll never be over. Even after we defeat the Imperials, there will be someone, another threat to peace." -Wedge Antilles

Although the New Republic starts off at a disadvantage with their capital ships, they quickly gain access to some of the most well-rounded (pun intended) ships in the mod, such as the Nebula, MC90 and Endurance. Despite their smaller total ship count, the individual versatility of these ships allows the New Republic to field multiple fleets without limiting their effectiveness. The option to build a single super ship, the Viscount, is available to them in the lategame. As in the Rebellion, the New Republic also relies on its ability to exercise fighter superiority.


The New Republic's Structures, Ships, and ResearchEdit

New Republic Structures
Tactical: Golan IGolan IIGolan III
New Republic Ships
Fighters: A-WingB-WingE-WingK-WingX-WingY-Wing
Frigates: CR90DP20GallofreeHajenNebulon-BQuasarSacheen
Heavy Frigates: Assault FrigateBothan Assault CruiserMC40a
Capital Ships: Endurance Star DestroyerMC80BMC80 LibertyMC90Nebula Star Destroyer
Titans: Viscount
Flagship Victory: Home One
Utility Ships: Star Galleon

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