Modular Taskforce Cruiser


Build Time: ?? seconds.
Hull: ??
Armor: ??
Shields: ??
Experience value: ??
Average TurboLaser Damage: ??

The Modular Taskforce Cruiser (MTC) functioned as a generic framework on which mission-specific modules could be mounted and reconfigured as necessary.


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Though the Imperial Navy had long preferred to maintain a fleet of ships which each filled a specific niche, this was an expensive policy which became progressively harder to maintain.

After a report was commissioned on streamlining fleet operations, Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited won the contract for a new multi-role starship. The Modular Taskforce Cruiser was the result of a design program which recognized the fundamental similarity of many single-role designs.

Weapons and Tactical UsageEdit

Canon ReferenceEdit

GR-75 medium transport -

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