The first of the three major playable factions in the mod is The Imperial Remnant. Its history, playstyle and unit list are broken down on this page



Admiral Natassi Daala, the mother of the Imperial Remnant.

"One Empire, one fleet-- only this will guarantee us victory." -Natasi Daala

Without the forceful presence of the Emperor, the Galactic Empire could not survive. After the death of Emperor Palpatine at Endor, the Galactic Empire split into several distinct factions run by individual warlords, admirals, Moffs and other prominent Imperial figures who are all vying for control of the former Empire. There were often dominant figures such as Ysanne Isard, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and then the reborn Emperor himself who managed to unite large sections of the former Empire to try to re-establish its dominance in the galaxy. After the final death of the Emperor at Byss, Admiral Natasi Daala convened a meeting of the most powerful Warlords at Tsoss Beacon in the deep core and killed them all, uniting the remnants of the Empire under her rule until she passed off leadership to Gilad Pellaeon in 12 ABY, dubbed "the old man of the Empire" for his long service. He curbed some of the Empire's more repressive policies and would continue to lead the Imperial Remnant for the next 29 years. Most notably, he led through the signature of the Pellaeon-Gavrisom treaty with the New Republic and the Yuuzhan Vong War, where he negotiated the entrance of the Imperial Remnant into the Galactic Alliance to repel the extragalactic invaders.



"Fear will keep the local systems in line." -Grand Moff Tarkin


The Empire relies more on oppression and propaganda to keep its worlds in check, and as such its cultural and economic policies focus on preventing the spread of enemy culture and maintaining a strong hold on its own systems, as opposed to spreading its own culture. One of its most effective ways to spread and maintain its own culture and reduce enemy culture is to use its Star Destroyers to attack enemy systems or to maintain a military presence in that system, increasing their fear of reprisals by the Empire. It also has the means to convert some of its population into production through forced labor. As the game progresses, Imperial players will gain access to more liberal tech options in line with Pellaeon's leadership style, which, if researched, will sacrifice some of its bonuses for better relations with the other factions and the ability to spread its own culture without the need for violence.



"What the Empire would have done was build a super-colossal Yuuzhan Vong–killing battle machine."            -Han Solo

Militarily, while in the early game the Remnant's vessels can usually stand up to enemy vessels on their own, their ships lag behind the later game ships of the other factions. The Empire instead focuses on building larger fleets focused on supporting one or two super-ships. Many parts of their tech aim at allowing a strength-in-numbers approach, letting them field larger numbers of slightly worse vessels faster than the other factions. However, unlike in other fleets, this gives the Imperial fleet an obvious target for its enemies to focus on.


The Imperial Remnant's Structures, Ships, and ResearchEdit

Imperial Remnant Structures
Tactical: Galaxy GunGolan IGolan IIGolan III
Imperial Remnant Ships
Fighters: TIE BomberTIE DefenderTIE FighterTIE InterceptorScimitar Assault Bomber
Frigates: CarrackEscort CarrierLancerSentinelStrike Cruiser
Heavy Frigates: Dreadnaught Immobilizer-418Modular Taskforce CruiserVictory-IVictory-IIVindicator
Capital Ships: Praetor IIAltorImperial-IImperial-IIWorld Devastator
Titans: ExecutorSovereign
Utility Ships: Star Galleon

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