Build Time: ?? seconds.
Hull: ??
Armor: ??
Shields: ??
Experience value: ??
Average Laser Cannon Turret Damage: ??

One of a variety of frigates used by the New Republic this, the troop transport of the New Republic, essentially functions as their "colonizing" vessel.


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The GR-75 medium transport, or Gallofree medium transport, was a clamshell-hulled transport produced by Gallofree Yards, Inc. The design proved popular with Galactic Republic forces, and the ships were used as resupply vessels during the Clone Wars.

Many GR-75 transports were acquired by the Rebel Alliance due to their low cost and ready access to spare parts. The transports had hulls impenetrable by imperial sensors and were additionally equipped with sensor jammers, making them undetectable to imperial sensors, thus evening out the odds against the Empire.

After Gallofree Yards went bankrupt in 3 BBY, the majority of the remaining stock of ships found its way into the Alliance fleet. The Alliance used the GR-75s for almost any purpose they could find, but primarily used them to transport supplies, equipment, and troops. Some were modified to be fuel tankers for long range starfighter missions or for smaller ships. The ships became so ubiquitous that they became commonly known as Rebel medium transports.

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