Dreadnaught Heavy Frigate
Hull: Unspecified
Armor: Unspecified

Orbital Bombardment

The Dreadnaught is a heavy frigate available to the Imperial Remnant at 2 military labs.

Although the Dreadnaught can fire straight forward it deals the most damage from its sides. This allows the Dreadnaught to attack multiple enemies simultaneously without reducing its DPS, provided the ship is positioned appropriately.

Once researched the Overwhelm ability will allow the Dreadnaught to temporarily increase its damage output in exchange for lower shield regeneration.

The Dreadnaught can attack enemy planets with its Orbital Bombardment ability.

The Dreadnaught possesses a third ability which, according to the in-game infocard, increases the range of its weapons by 50%. As of version 0.9 the name and description of this ability are unknown.

The Dreadnaught can support exactly one squadron of TIE Fighters, Bombers,or Interceptors.

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